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Our Grape-to-Glass Secrets

For the curious, and those with an inquisitive passion for the sparkle our vines produce, we share with you the details and intricate methods behind the creation of our bubblies.

Our winemaker
& team

Our winemaker & team

Jean-Philippe Colmant, the owner and creator of the Colmant dream, is the sole wine maker and cellar master of the Colmant MCC winery. His impeccable talent for precision and attention to detail are reflected in the Cap Classique wines he produces, and his impassioned love for the trade can be felt with every Colmant drinking experience. JP holds a strong philosophy for the style of the MCCs he wishes to produce: classical, fresh and elegant. JP's intention is to remain the cellar master of the Colmant winery for as long as he physically can, as he truly values being able to add that special touch in each bottle with his own two hands.

A great team of local aficionados, who have been part of the Colmant farm family since its inception, assist Jean-Philippe during harvest season and for all cellar duties throughout the year. JP has been thrilled to be able to share his bubbly-making knowledge and talent with his daughter Manon, and her partner Mark, who have been fully involved in assisting him in the cellar since their return to the farm, ensuring that the Colmant taste and touch will remain through the generations. To JP's delight, his other children also love to get involved in helping throughout the harvest each year, contributing to the special feeling of a family affair in the winery. Schalk, the one who will answer your calls and welcome you in our tasting room, has been a loyal part of our team since 2013 and has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the world of wines.

For the blending process, which is the most intricate and delicate part of ensuring consistent and high standards each year, JP receives the invaluable advice and contribution from two of the industry's greatest masters- Pieter Ferreira and Nicolas Follet. We are very grateful to be working together with such inspiring ambassadors and connoisseurs of the industry, to not only continue raising the bar on the quality of our bubblies each year, but also for the standards of the Cap Classique industry too.

The Colmant Team

Our Grapes

Our Grapes

The grapes which we select to give us the juices that will be used as the blending components for our bubblies have the utmost impact on the quality of the final product. The various grapes, coming from different areas with specific soil types and climates, will offer juices with varying characteristics and qualities, each one bringing a unique dimension to the complexity and precision of the blends. It is therefore crucial to select the origins of our grapes carefully, ensuring that they reflect specific desired qualities of body, finesse, fruit and acidity, while offering a wide range of blending components to work with to create base wines with ultimate complexity and perfection. Solely Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are used in the production of our bubblies. Both grape types contribute their own specific qualities, without which complete balance and harmony would not be possible.

Pinot Noir imparts structure and power to the blend and adds depth, complexity, backbone, strength and fullness. Our Pinot Noir grapes are sourced from versatile origins, coming from five different farms located between Franschhoek, Robertson and Elgin, all of which offer their own distinct desirable characteristics of body and finesse.

Chardonnay brings finesse, life, freshness and elegance and its slow development gives an ideal ageing potential. Out of the Chardonnay grapes we use, over 50% are grown by us on Colmant Farm, where the soil provides a perfect balance between full structure and a level of acidity that brings freshness and vivacity. The remainder of our Chardonnay comes from the limy soils of Robertson and the cooler climate of Elgin.

Jean-Philippe Colmant with Nicolas Follet examining Chardonnay prior to harvest Jean-Philippe with some Pinot Noir grapes

Our Cellar

Our Cellar

Our cellar was built from scratch in 2005. According to our philosophy of hands-on quality, we designed a cellar that was both modern, small and efficient, which allows us to control the whole production cycle. The cellar was built in a "Cape Vernacular" style and nestles under the majestic Middagkrans peak, a truly inspiring place for the creation of bubblies.

The tanks room is equipped with 16 stainless steel tanks with capacities of 1000 L to 14000 L, allowing greater flexibility in the handling of the different grape parcels. This is where the first fermentation occurs, where the harvest's juices will be transformed into still wine inside the tanks. During harvest, our cold room allows us to cool over 8 tons of grapes freshly picked down to 0°C overnight before pressing, giving amazing results in the quality of the juice. The barrels room, home to a collection of French oak barrels, is built in a rustic brick wall style and is maintained permanently at a cool temperature of 13°C and a perfect level of humidity.

Lastly there is the bottle maturation room, with a storage capacity of over 200.000 bottles and where our Cap Classiques will peacefully and gently mature in the bottle for 2 years or more, in the dark and at a steady temperature of 13 to 14°C. It is also in this room that the riddling, disgorging and labelling processes take place.

For more about the intricate methods behind the production of our bubblies, please visit Methode Cap Classique explained and Discovering the many arts of production behind Methode Traditionnelle.

The Colmant Cellar Some reserve wine is fermented and matured in French Oak
Colmant Sec Reserve NV
Colmant Brut Plaisir NV
Colmant Brut Reserve NV
Colmant Brut Rosé NV
Colmant Brut Chardonnay NV
Tribaut Brut Origine
Tribaut Blanc de Chardonnay NV
Tribaut Instant Gourmand NV
Tribaut Rosé NV
Tribaut Millesime 2009
Follet-Ramillon Vintage Brut 2007
Tribaut Cuvee Rene NV
Mailly Brut Reserve NV
Mailly Extra Brut Millesime 2011
Mailly L'Intemporelle 2010
Mailly Les Echansons 2004
Follet-Ramillon Special Brut NV
Colmant Absolu Zero Dosage NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Half Bottle NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Magnum NV
Champagne Follet Brut Tradition Magnum NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Jeroboam NV
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