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Our Farm

Welcome to our family farm, a truly special place for the creation and celebration of bubbles

The Colmant Entrance

"How special it is, to inhale the freshness of the air, to smile at the marvels of the moon and the sun, to be mesmerised by the beauty of the mountains standing tall above us. What an energising environment and such enriching inspiration for the creation and fulfillment of dreams. Living in such harmony with the splendour, the cycles, the sounds, the smells and the energies of nature allow for a peaceful and happy place, where magic is born and continues to grow. The farm offers the perfect place for the creation of our bubbles in which love, devotion and zeal are important components to every bottle produced."

The Colmant Vineyards One of the horses at Colmant

We are very fortunate to live and fulfill our dreams on the beautiful 5 hectare piece of land that is our family farm. The farm is located in the heart of the Franschhoek valley, and is surrounded by panoramic vistas of the majestic mountain landscape.

A greater part of the farm is occupied by abundant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards, which each year will be used in the production of our Cap Classique wines. The rest of the farm is shared between our cellar & tasting room, various accommodations (including our home), beautiful gardens and trees, as well as an increasing number of chickens and vegetable patches.

Lots of exciting projects lie in the pipeline for the farm, as our visions and time transform it into a more magical place each day, to be enjoyed by us and you, the entire Colmant Cap Classique & Champagne family. Please visit our Ethos page to find out more about our ideals for biodynamic practices and self-sustainability.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you here one day and share with you what brings us so much joy.

Find out more about our tasting room and how you can visit us here.

- The Colmant Family

View the map to Colmant Cap Classique & Champagne

Directions to the farm:

Drive through Franschhoek village all the way to the end of the road, where you will reach a three-way stop with the monument in front of you. Take a right. Follow this road around the bend for exactly 1km where you will see the Colmant entrance on your left. You have arrived.

Colmant Sec Reserve NV
Colmant Brut Plaisir NV
Colmant Brut Reserve NV
Colmant Brut Rosé NV
Colmant Brut Chardonnay NV
Tribaut Brut Origine
Tribaut Blanc de Chardonnay NV
Tribaut Instant Gourmand NV
Tribaut Rosé NV
Tribaut Millesime 2009
Follet-Ramillon Vintage Brut 2007
Tribaut Cuvee Rene NV
Mailly Brut Reserve NV
Mailly Extra Brut Millesime 2011
Mailly L'Intemporelle 2010
Mailly Les Echansons 2004
Follet-Ramillon Special Brut NV
Colmant Absolu Zero Dosage NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Half Bottle NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Magnum NV
Champagne Follet Brut Tradition Magnum NV
Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine Jeroboam NV
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