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Colmant Brut Rosé NV


This truly alluring blend offers a romantic touch to the Colmant style.

Our Colmant Brut Rosé, with freshness and liveliness as its signature features, promises to romantically seduce you through an unforgettable journey of delectable aromas and flavour sensations.

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Sensory Experience

Winemaker's Note

On the eye: A charming salmon pink colour, with a gentle glow of amber highlights, illuminating the persistent stream of bubbles.

On the nose: The delightful aromas of wild strawberry and redcurrant fruit infuse the scent, fol-lowed by delicate floral notes.

On the Palate: A beautiful silky richness softens the palate with a succession of taste sensations, from red berry explosions to a subtle creamy texture.

Winemaker's Note

A demonstration of true alchemy occurs in the creation of this wine, requiring unique procedures of blending and red-winemaking. 75% of this blend comes from Pinot Noir grapes,10 % of which underwent a soak-on-the-skins maceration process, giving our Brut Rosé its colour, its unique red fruit aromas, and its vivacious qualities. The remaining 25% of Chardonnay grapes assist in creating a perfect harmony, adding finesse and elegance to the blend. 15 % of the wines used are reserve wines from previous vintages and 15 % of the base wine underwent a french oak barrel fermentation. This wine matured on the lees for at least 24 months before release, at a consistent temperature of 14°C, allowing for aromas to develop, merge, and weave their magic…

For Ultimate Enjoyment

Perfect to enjoy over a beautiful sunset, perhaps one which illuminates the sky the same way our Brut Rosé glows in your glass? Or maybe you might like to enjoy it in a warm rose-petal bath on a cold winter’s day? If you choose to pair it with food, it will deliciously complement white meat, a strawberry dessert or decadent dark chocolate.

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